Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banks and Big Business Screw Us

Here is just another way the Communist FED and its supporting “Banks” and “Big Business” screw the economy, and you and me. What is Inflation? Inflation is simply an easy way for the Rich to get Richer while keeping me and you POOR.

If you have, like these “International Banks” and “Multinationals” 1 Billion dollars in assets. An increase in Inflation by as little as 1% increases the “Bank” or “Business” assets by 100,000 dollars. However, when you DO NOT HAVE Billions of dollars(Like you and me), Inflation raises the cost of living, the cost of “DOING BUSINESS”, the cost of resources, the cost of retail space, and the cost of Private Property.

If you look at the whole “Economy” from “Big Business” point of view, Who does “Business” loss “Market Share” too? Small Business of course. Can’t have that, can’t have quality products made on a small scale.

So the FED and its supporting “Banks” and “Businesses” have raised the “PRICE” of Everything (With Inflation) to keep Small Business as minimal as possible. We all have heard the saying “It takes money to make money”, well, this Economic System of Debt the FED, its “Banks” and “Creditors” have created over the last 40 years makes sure it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to start a Small Business unless your Family has money. Who does this benefit? Seems like “Big Business” over me and you.

How much does it cost to Run for OFFICE? How many Millions? How can this Country be “For the People, By the People” when the POOR have no one in office? Who really has the INTEREST of the POOR in mind when only the RICH are in office? No wonder the LAW of the LAND, as well as the Economy are slanted in favor of the RICH.

Another example of how “Business” screws us, on purpose. Wal-Mart’s business model is based on Cheap Prices. What do we get for a Cheap price? A Cheap Product from Communist China. Here is the Subtlety of this Communist Economic Trap. Like a sad cycle, people shop at Wal-mart because it is the only place they can afford to shop, but the product they buy breaks, forcing a person to buy the same Cheap Communist China Product over and over. Can’t Afford a Good Quality product that lasts because “Business” in general won’t pay enough, so it’s off to Communist China Made Wal-mart again to buy cheap stuff(It’s all we can afford) sending money back to China, who uses it to buy our Debt, Banks, and Politicians. The Cycle repeats.

I’m telling you Folks, it is an Economic War China is waging with us. Our Media has been bought, if you don’t believe me, why does Robert Murdock alone(ONE MAN!) own almost 65% of America Media and 45% of the Worlds?

Do you think a “Businessman” is going to ALLOW his own Media Company to say anything BAD about him, his Republican party, or Business in General? If you Don’t think “Big Business” doesn’t wish to control you and all aspects of your life, then why does only ONE Multinational own MTV, VH1, and CMT? HHmmm, if i wanted to influence the Minds and Lives of Children and Young Adults, what better way than through their Music and TV. Who wants to dare tell me that MTV doesn’t influence a child’s life. You don’t think it is planned that way? What happened to PROTEST SONGS? Never allowed. What about Protests in Papers? NOT ALLOWED unless they were Democrats. Begin to see? Didn’t Germany Own the Media? Instead of a Government, a Small Group of Men (Republicans Mostly) are following Hitlers lead.

Why do school budgets keep getting slashed? Our children are our MOST important resource! What does it say about our LEADERSHIP in this country when Education is of the Least Importance? DUMB people are easily TRICKED by these Harvard and Yale taught “Multinational Business Executives”!

China has been at it for 40 years people. Can you not see the slow, but every so steady, downfall of America and her way of life since the 70’s? LOOK AT THE SYSTEM! Any system is put in place. What kind of SYSTEM have these Self Serving “Politicians” have put in place with the LAWS they have written?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Health Care

What the Heath care industry needs is to get rid of Insurers, who set the prices of just about everything, all so they can make the most money of course, why else would they go into insurance? If they wanted to help people they would have went into Med school.
You want a radical idea for reforming health care?
Nationalize Casinos, State Lotto’s go towards each states health program, and put Americas gambling vice to work keeping Americans healthy in a national “FREE” health plan. How many casinos launder money for gangs anyway? And where is all the states Lottery money going? Certainly not for schools, and try getting a state lottery audited, just try, i dare you.
The benefits:
1. More jobs in Casinos and the web of industries supporting those casinos like Spa’s, Food, Transport, ect. Who wouldn’t go to a casino more knowing even if you lose, your not really losing.
2. Without insurers in the loop, prices can be set for procedures that don’t gauge anyone.
3. Doctors pay wouldn’t be effected at all, and the free market will hold sway as better doctors would still get better pay based on performace.
4. Malpractice would be handled differently, saving much money for hospitals and doctors alike.
5. Jobs in the healthcare industry are projected to grow - this would ensure the money needed.
6. The ease of financial burden on families, rich and poor.
7. The small handful of people who would be upset over this, screw em.
No one should make money on the ill and sick except those who care for them- screw health insurers, they been screwing us for decades.
And Casinos have always been a hub for underworld activity, like Prostitution, drugs, and money laundering; besides, only Mafia types want to make money on the vices of their fellow human beings.

To me this is nothing but a win, win, win for the entirety of Americans, and the small amount of people who will be upset? Well, at least they’ll have health care.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Country Divided

I am really tired of people all over this country trying to split up this country along ideological, theological, economical, and political lines.

“We the people of the United States of America, in order for form a more perfect union establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”

Where is the Justice when a credit card company can whimsically charge 20-30% interest for the privilege of spending your own money? i know, the argument, “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it”, well, what can people afford today with $10 an hour, $400 a week, only $1200 a month, all before taxes. A $150,000 home on a 30 fixed rate of (Gasp) 5% is $802 a month. Hmmm, 1200- 802 = 398. So a full time worker making 10 an hour trying to live in a home(The American Dream) only has 400 dollars to pay for his car payment, car insurance, car maintenance, gas, health insurance, property taxes, home insurance(Flood and Fire insurance extra), home gas bill, electric bill, water bill, trash pickup bill, homeowners association costs, don’t forget food, and if he decides to have a child, you have extra food costs, health costs, toys, on top of schools costs(i thought public education was supposed to be free? isn’t that promised? why must parents pay for public school?) and of course saving for your child’s college, and retirement for you of course. If he gets married, it may or may not add some income to the home.

Where is the promise of Liberty when the entire financial system is constructed to make sure a person is enslaved to debt right out of college, if they even go, and if they don’t have a college education, a person is almost guaranteed a life lived in conditions close to poverty. Where is the general welfare of this country when the Middle Class and the Yeoman farmer, the group that represents “WE THE PEOPLE” have no means with which to ensure they have “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This country was not founded by Bankers, Businessmen, Financiers, Lawyers, or Politicians, yet this small, small majority of people run this country, and i promise you this small, small group of people do not have the best interest of the American public in their hearts.

The biggest fear the small, small group of people have is the population seeing through them, seeing how this group has distorted the constitution and the institutions of this great country to fit their greedy, selfish, self-serving wants, and united to drive them all out of office.

Why else would this small, small group of people continue to keep the American population divided and polarized, keep them from seeing the truth and keep them from getting this country back to what is means

“For the people, by the people.”

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peace in the Holy Land

An idea for peace in the Middle East, hopefully to the betterment of all. Since both sides wish to make Jerusalem their capital, deny it to both. Let the U.N. take over the management of the city. To insure peace, make the border between the two a few miles wide and devote the space to parks and nature reserves to show both sides the beauty of the land both are willing to kill and die over. Let this space be managed by the U.N. as well. Let the border be decided between the two ignoring the 67' borders, but in fairness, Palestine the State, must be almost as equal in mass as Israel, and if possible, land by the sea. For Arab states bordering land with Palestine, to prove their want for peace let them also give up some land for the creation of a home for their brothers. Israel must be recognized, as well as ALL innocents lost. To appease Palestinians, Israel must stop settlement construction, and deconstruct, or give to Palestine, those settlements that will fall inside their borders. To appease Judea, let the Dome on the Rock be moved to Palestine's new capital with a great ceremony as Palestinians free themselves from Israel, so do they free the Dome from its foundation on an old Jewish temple. In its place let there be a monument to all religions, favoring none, but done to remind the world and its people that humanity belongs to God, God does not belong to any one part of childish humanity or its overly demanding and dogmatic religions. The monument should be a place where all may come in peaceful respect to God and all the peoples of the world.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Notre Dame

Growing up I wanted nothing more than to walk the hallowed halls of The University of Notre Dame. I would love to walk those halls today, but my perception of the halls has changed because of the reactions of Catholics more than students and University Professors. The change in my view has come about due to this "Controversy" over The President speaking at the University. For one the word "Controversy" is extremely overused if it is being used in place of "Disagreement" or "differences in a point of view". For another, I believe in Christ and his teachings, as should all good Catholics, Christians, Methodists, Protestants, Mormons, ect, and one of the greatest things Jesus teaches is to ward against intolerence.

We all have heard "God before Country", but these protester's are not even following their own Gods values as set forth in the Bible. "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned, forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." ~Luke 6:37~
Have people become so obsessed by one factor of life that they forget the teachings that make them Christians, Catholics, Methodists, Protestants, and just good humans beings trying to find the love of life and humanity that Jesus showed us was possible?

I believe people have become obsessed with this "Abortion Issue" to fault. I hear these people scream with such conviction and intolerance against what they see as the murder of a child, and I have to wonder why they do not scream with the same passion to end war, which is the exact same in its murderous intent to end a child of God's life. Both are done in cold blood but at least those unborn, thanks to the mercy of God, are never born of sin, have never sinned themselves and are free from any taint of sin and are birthed back into heaven- as the bible tells us that those free of sin go to heaven.

I believe this type of attitude and intolerance is the reason why most nations where religion rules seem to always be at war. The rulers of these supposed "Godly" nations believe they speak with the authority of God himself based on the teachings in books at least one thousand years old, if not older. Look at Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran and how they seem to constantly be at war with one another while dragging the rest of the world into their "Disagreements". To me it all boils down to Intolerance towards other people who have a different point of view. At one point in time humanity thought the world was flat and the Universe revolved around the earth. If Intolerance were allowed, we (humanity) would be blind to so many truths that can only be discovered by questioning and thinking; This is why I believe Jesus felt the religion of his people to be incomplete and began teaching the Truth about Love and God to the people and part of that teaching was to ward against Intolerance, turn the other check, and love your fellow human, even if you perceive faults in them because who of us is without faults of our own. If someone feels they are without fault and as perfect as Jesus, then please by all means, throw a stone at me.